Massage in Munich – Wellness for body, mind and soul

“The time is for man, not man for the time.” Johann Gottfried SeumeMassage in München_neu

Lack of movement, stress and an unfavourable posture at your workplace can lead to blockades quickly. As a result you can get headache, pain in your neck and back, tension and tiredness. A wellness- and relaxationmassage can bring physical, mental and spiritual relief as well as deep relaxation. Also the performance capability and the power of concentration can be influenced in a positive way.

Massage Munich: To whom and where is the Wellnessmassage Munich offered?

At the moment I offer my Wellnessmassages

What kind of Wellnessmassage can you book?

  • Full Body Massage
  • Partial Body Massage, e.g. Backmassage, Foot Reflexology etc.
  • Classic Massage / Sportsmassage
  • Aromatic Oil Massage
  • Special Aromatic Oil Massage
  • Best of Wellnessmassage by Samira

Here you can get more information about my offers and prices.

Possible Treatment Times

Iwellness-943766_640 wanna offer most possible flexibility to my Clients. Furthermore I love my job so much, that I don´t have the “typical” working hours. You can ask for appointments on…

  • Monday, Wednesday: between 10 am and 10pm
  • Tuesday: between 10 am and 7pm
  • Thursday: between 10 am and 5:30 pm
  • Friday: between 2pm and 6 pm
  • Saturday, Sunday and on holidays: on request

Thank you for your understanding that appointments are only possible by arrangement. This means that you please should not come without an appointment to my place!

I work on my own and I wanna spent my full Attention to my clients without any disturbances. Thank you very much for your understanding.

How long in advance should you book your massage-appointment?

Spontane Termine

Please contact me for your massage-appointment 3-5 days in advance. Because of the high demand I cannot take super spontaneous appointments like “now” or “today”. Thank you for your understanding.

If you wanna get some more Information why I don´t take spontaneous appointments I recommend my article “Spontaneous Appointments? A Little request to my Clients”.

How much time should you plan for your Wellnessmassage?

I try to do everything I can do to give you rest and Relaxation. That´s why there is no stress during my massage appointments. That means that there is always enough time to arrive, to drink something and to talk a bit about you and your wishes for the appointment. After the massage there ist also enough time to relax. Therefore please include at least 15min additionally to your normal massage time.

When should you arrive to your Treatment?

Please note that I don´t have a Holding area or sth. similar. That means it would be the best if you arrive as punctual as possible to the appointment (+/- 5-10 min). Please avoid being more than 10min early or late. If so please let me know by WhatsApp or Call. Thank you!

Massage Voucher Munich: You wanna buy a Massage Voucher?

Massage-Gutschein-MuenchenOf course you can get all my Massages as a voucher.

No matter if it is a present for your friend, Family or collegue – a Wellnessmassage by Samira ist always something Special!

Give your loved ones a treat and surprise them for birthday, Christmans Eve, Valentines day, Marriage or just without any Special reason!

Here you can directly order one of my Massage Vouchers.

Massage Munich: Do you have to prepare anything?

No. Everything needed for your booked wellnessmassage like e.g. lotion, aromatic oil, towels, massage table, relaxing music, pillow and heating blanket is available at my massage place or I will of course bring with me for the mobile massage. The only thing we need for the mobile massage is enough space for the massage table.

Massage Munich: What´s special with my wellnessmassages?

Your relaxation is my aim! That´s why it is eminently important for me to take time for each client. You won´t experience any rush just as little as the feeling of just being a “number”. I really enjoy doing something good for people, so that they can leave the rush and stress of their everyday life behind for awhile. You will experience my joy and passion! :-)

Make an appointment soon, I am looking forward to your booking.

Massage Munich: For any questions please use my contact formular or call me at +49 (0)173 7049723.