Spontaneous Appointments – A little request to my clients…

Spontane TermineMy dear Client, I really like you a lot. And yes, I also do love my Job more than anything else!

But I would be really happy if you could avoid requests like

  • „Do you have an appointment the next 2 hours?“ or
  • „Could I please get a massage from you today?“

Why I don´t take Spontaneous Appointments (?)

Well, there are several reasons that I wanna tell you now.

  1. I work on my own. That means as bedeutet that my capacities are strongly limited and of Course I am booked out faster as if I would have 10 employees.
  2. Because I managed my whole life for the aim to have as Little stress as possible and to have more time for other Things, I don´t give treatments for 10 hours a day. This is also a key Points why I am booked out really easily.
  3. I always have a 45min b“reak“ in between two appointemnts, that is why I cannot offer that many appointments on one day. I don´t have a waiting room or several massage rooms, so after each massage appointement I have to clean everything, Switch the blankets, ventilate the room and so on. I take a lot of time for my Clients, means 15min talking before and/or after the massage are easily over. And I have to calculate that the next Client could come 10min early. Last but not least I have to take a Little break for myself to get some new energy inbetween two appointments.
  4. I don´t have typical fix opening hours. In General I offer appointments at 7 days a week and sometimes until 22 o´clock. But that doen´t mean that I work during all this time. Of Course I also take my days off and plan my private life. But I organise it very flexibel, however it fits. Simultaneously…
  5. I don´t have a massage praxis with drop-in customers, where I would have to stay and wait all day during my „opening hours“ for customers.
  6. I really like to plan my day and it just doesn´t feel well to take spontaeous appointments. Strengh lies in calmness? Yes, indeed! Could I offer Treatments where I wanna interfere calmess and Relaxation while simultaneously being always on demand? I don´t think so ;-)
  7. Normally I don´t care about how it is somewhere else, but: if you make an appointment at your doctor, you either don´t think that you get an appointment the same day, do you? (except emergency).
  8. Last but not least: Please just look at the other sode for a Moment. Wouldn´t it rather be very sad if I had an appointment for you the very same day? Wouldn´t that mean on the other side that my Massages aren´t that good? Otherwise I would be booked out, wouldn´t I…? :-)

Thank you very much for your understanding. I am really looking Forward to the next appointment with you!

Your Massage Therapist Samira :-)

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