The good feeling of being healthy…

The good feeling of being healthy...Tired out, exhausted and always getting sick… Those People who know me a bit longer know, that I regularly had Problems with my immune System.

I got every infection that was around Munich. Funny is something different. Today I think it was many Little warning Signals my Body gave me. One day I was forced to take antibiotics. Afterwards it even became worse.

It followed many visits at the doctors, who couldn´t really help me.

A naturopathic practitioner gave me the knowledge that 80% of the immune system is placed in our intestine. Antibiotics damage your intestinal mucosa thus also your immune System. She also told me how many groceries do have a negative (or also positive) effect on our immune System. It followed a time where I collected stinging nettles and buckhorn in the Westpark and lion´s-tooth in the forest cemetery. My stinging nettles – buckhorn – lion´s-tooth Smoothies combined with my  personal magical remedies (MSM, OPC, Moringa, Chlorella, Zeolith, Ginger, Curcuma, Cinnemon, Coconut Oil, Seed Oil, Hemp Seeds and Chia Seeds) improved my Situation a lot. Nevertheless I always had the Feeling that still something was missing.

This is where Andreas Comes into play. I knew Andreas as a Personal Trainer in Munich near Harras. At a personal Meeting in summer 2016 I told him my story. He advised me to make a fundamental detoxification and metabolic changeover. Thereby it is about a combination of taking some high Quality and premium supplements and dietary Change for at least 6 weeks. He showed me before-after-pictures and testimonials of Clients he is mentor of that we really convincing. After a couple of minutes it was already clear, that I really had to do this.

You are not what you eat, you are what your Body is able to ingest…!

My big aim was to loose those inflamations of my body and to feel fit and healthy again. And what can I say? The cure was a great success! Since then I don´t have inflamed tonsils anymore, I lost some weight and I feel full of energy and just great!

Stoffwechselumstellung_SamiraMeanwhile I got to know some people that did the same detox cure as I did and that…

  • have now more Energy and soulfulness in their everyday life
  • could now -after years of rheumatism- break off with their tablets
  • have lost a lot of weight (until 35kg) and still keep it
  • lost their allergies
  • normalised their high blood pressure
  • experienced a big improve of their Skin Problems (acne, cellulite etc.)
  • experienced a very fast healing after a sports injury
  • had a faster regeneration after intense training sessions
  • and so on!!!

Meanwhile I have a lot of before-after-pictures I am really excited about! On this page I wanna Show you my own pivture from last year. Currently (March 2017) I am doing the cure my second time, just because I really feel so good doing it :-)

My big dream:

Because of this positive experience where I was blissed to experiance this Transformation on my Body and see it at many other people, I feel a requirement to help as many other people as possible to live a happy and healthy life! If you therefore wanna get to know more about the cure and how it works, please feel free to contact me! :-)

All the best! Samira :-)